5 inquiries to the plumber to question just before repairing an apartment

The laying of communications is perhaps the most important stage in finishing the apartment, since at this time not only pipes are installed, but systems with a long service life are installed, which, for safety reasons, must be reliable, competently and practical located.

So we recommend that you “interrogate” the plumber with a special bias, asking several important questions before you start repairing your apartment, it is expensive to fix plumbing later or flood your neighbors because of an accidental pipe break.

Can you really make plumbing fixes the way you want?

In order to understand whether they will be able to translate them into reality, or there is an alternative, but safer, faster, budget option, to begin with, you need to offer the master your ideas. Make sure to go over:

a piping strategy to ensure the plumber does not fit everything in at his own discretion;

the potential of laying hidden cabling;

desired material;

setting up defensive systems that would be caused by the hazard of the bay.

Nevertheless, it is better to ask questions on your own - the master may not guess about the plans of the owner of the apartment, even though an experienced plumber himself will tell the customer about what he plans to do and how.

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